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Italian designer to present a collection of men’s clothing “HETTABRETZ”

Since 1960, HETTABRETZ creates, designs and realizes masterpieces to wear with the unmistakable style which let Italy become famous all over the world. Our mission is to create extraordinary clothes that speak of magnificence, craftsmanship and research of marvel.

In the highest international fashion landscape, Hettabretz takes place in a niche of absolute excellence, since the foundation day. An area of extreme luxury, precious materials, and maniacal attention to the details of every single piece created by expert tailors and small workshops. A place where the best raises to conquer the heart of a very limited and selected number of clients who recognize in Hettabretz, in his clothes and masterpieces, in his marvellous collections and in his ad personam customization, the tradition of the high profile and unique MADE IN ITALY style.